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Last Updated: April 29, 2021

Staffordshire University London - Digital Institute, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London Exterior

Arena Facts

Opened: 2019
Capacity: 60
Names: Esports Arena Staffordshire University London
Address: Esports Arena Staffordshire University, London, E20 3BS

Staffordshire University have thrown their hat into the Esports ring, with the appropriately, but unimaginatively, named Esports Arena London.

Features & Facilities

This Arena is mainly set up for 5 v 5 competitive games, like Dota 2, League of Legends or Counter-Strike, so has 2 desks next to each other with a total of 10 battle-stations. Behind these desks are several large screens to display the action to the audience.

In front the battle-stations are 60 stools for spectators, though I’d imagine more/better seating could be put in for bigger events. This space also boasts a dedicated commentator table that sites just behind the crowd.

But the best feature about this space is that for broadcasting events worldwide there is a cutting edge setup, with built in lights, cameras (with the action being provided by the players) and even a separate production gallery. It’s ready to stream professional, TV production level, 4k footage at the drop of a hat.

esports-arena-london interior

Interior view of Esports Arena London


Staffordshire University – London Digital Institute, in partnership with the Here East building at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, opened this Epsorts Arena in 2019.

Staffordshire University London actually offer an Esports Degree. The Digital Institute London Esports Degree is focused on organising and managing modern Esports events. So it only seems logical that’d they’d need their very own Esports arena to train the future organisers/stars of Esports.

A lot of credit should go to this Uni for being at the forefront of Esports education, and for creating one of the best broadcasting Arenas in the country. We hope to see some big Esports tournaments at this place in the future.

Arena Photos

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Directions to Esports Arena London

Stadium Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Address of Esports Arena London?

The address for Esports Arena London is Esports Arena Staffordshire University, London, E20 3BS

What year was Esports Arena London opened?

Esports Arena London was opened 2019

What is the capacity of Esports Arena London?

Esports Arena London has a spectator capacity of around 60 for Esports events.