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Last Updated: June 7, 2021

Esports Stadium Arlington Exterior

Arena Facts

Opened: 2018
Capacity: 2,500
Names: Esports Arena Arlington | Esports Arena Fort Worth | Esports Stadium Arlington TX | Esports Center Arlington | Arlington Esports Arena
Address: 1200 Ballpark Way, Arlington, Texas, 76011
Architect: Populous
Size: 100,000 sq ft

The Esports Stadium Arlington is the largest dedicated Esports facility in North America.

Notable Tournaments and Events

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Esports Championship Series 2018
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Esports Championship Series 2019
  • StarCraft II - Last Hit Tournament Series 1 - 2019
  • Hearthstone - Masters Tour Arlington 2020
  • Overwatch - Battle4Texas 2019

Features & Facilities

The Esports Stadium Arlington has a a stunning looking 90ft stage which lights up with Blue LEDs. The whole stage and 85ft screen has jagged edges, designed to match their logo and gives the whole arena a cool, futuristic feel.

The stage itself features two desks facing the audience designed for 5 v 5 competitive play, but other elements can be brought it to support different kinds of Esports competitions.

The arena floor has enough room for 2,500 spectators, making it currently the largest dedicated Esports Arena in North America, and one of the largest in the world.

As well as the main arena the venue also features the ‘Gamer Gallery’, which is open to the public and has many PCs, PS4s, Xbox Ones and Nintendo Switches for everyone to enjoy.  You can reserve spaces ahead of time to play with your friends, and day gaming passes only cost $20 and can be brought here.

Interior view of Esports Stadium Arlington


The stadium was first announced in March 2018, and would be opened the same year on November 26th costing $10 million dollars. It is owned by both the city of Arlington and Esports Venues LLC, which is owned by Neil Leibman. It is located in the same area as the AT&T Stadium.

This Arena was one of the first dedicated Esports Arena’s in the world. While other venues that host Esports competition are built and setup on a per event basis, the Arlingtons stadium has high quality dedicated stage permanently set up, 85-ft-long LED board, to host a variety of different Esports tournaments.

The stadium has hosted many events in it’s short existence, most notably the Season 8 of Esports Championship Series

Arena Photos

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The stadium has the ESA retail shop which lets you buy all sorts of Esports memorabilia.

Esports Stadium Arlington Shop

A view of the Esports Stadium Arlington team store.

Stadium Tours

Esports Stadium Arlington offer a tour of the Esports facility which lasts about 1 hour, and takes you through all the spaces and the history of the Arena. You can even get a chance to have your photo taken on that stage!

You can find out more information about the tours on the official website.

Directions to Esports Stadium Arlington

Stadium Map

This stadium can be found in Arlington, Texas, just off the Tom Landry Fwy.


The address for your Satnav is 1200 Ballpark Way 76011. There is plenty of parking around the stadium which costs $5 as of 2021. There’s even a few Tesla Supercharge bays just south of the stadium.

Airports and Flying

The nearest airport is the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport which is just a 20 minute drive from the stadium.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Address of Esports Stadium Arlington?

The address for Esports Stadium Arlington is 1200 Ballpark Way, Arlington, Texas, 76011

What year was Esports Stadium Arlington opened?

Esports Stadium Arlington was opened 2018

What is the capacity of Esports Stadium Arlington?

Esports Stadium Arlington has a spectator capacity of around 2500 for Esports events.

What Tournaments and Events have been held at Esports Stadium Arlington?

Esports Stadium Arlington has hosted 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Esports Championship Series 2018' and 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Esports Championship Series 2019' , 'StarCraft II - Last Hit Tournament Series 1 - 2019' , 'Hearthstone - Masters Tour Arlington 2020 ' , 'Overwatch - Battle4Texas 2019'