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Last Updated: July 11, 2021

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Esports have been growing steadily for years. Nevertheless, the term is far from being understandable for everyone: Esports stands for electronic sports. It is a professionally held competition in digital disciplines – of course, this means the computer and video games.

In Esports, gamers can either compete against each other in individual competitions or as a team in tournaments with up to five people.

The disciplines in Esports combine both physical abilities and mental talents, so that it is important, for example, to be skilful, to have good responsiveness, to be blessed with excellent coordination of hands and eyes, or to have the best possible understanding of tactics.

How are training and competitions designed for Esports athletes?

Like a “normal” athlete, Esports athletes also train several times a day on their gaming PC or at the console. Professionally active players in the competitive landscape are called ProGamers and complete a 10-hour training session every day. A trainer usually accompanies them to competitions, and training camps are also part of the e-athletes’ program.

In a competition, the players receive prize money up to millions of dollars. Just like at a normal sporting event, there are also spectators at Esports competitions.

These either watch via live stream or – if it is an event in a walk-in location – are on-site to witness the digital spectacle. At tournaments, teams have the opportunity to be supported by sponsors – just like in sports such as football.

Anyone who competes in Esports professionally can earn so much money with it that it is possible to live on this income for the rest of their lives after spending a few successful years in the industry.

Some of the ProGamers receive a monthly fee in the five-digit range. Accordingly, transfer negotiations that are just as tough as in classic sport are now taking place in the Esports industry.

Games that are particularly preferred are, for example, real-time strategy games. These include Starcraft or League of Legends. The classic Counter-Strike and other first-person shooters are also very popular.

In general, titles that have complex game mechanics eligible for the Esports industry.

Official Esports events are hosted at traditional sports venues.

As already mentioned, Esports fans can watch their favourite team in two ways: either via live stream online from home or directly on-site because it is no longer uncommon for official Esports tournaments to fill huge venues.

Usually, there are one or more stages where the players or teams sit opposite or next to each other. In front of the PC or on the game console, they are equipped with a headset so that they can get in touch with other gamers during team matches.

Esports events have nothing to do with a classic LAN party. The venues are lined with large screens – as in public viewing – so that the crowd of fans can follow the game at any time and cheer on the gamers. Big tournaments are no longer conceivable without a professional moderator, which is why most games are accompanied by a well-known commentator.

The events take place worldwide so that the audience is also international. In the halls where the tournaments take place, there are also numerous merchandise stands so that Esports fans can wear the same jersey as the ProGamer – just like in classic sports.

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By Esports Tripper
Last Updated: July 11, 2021