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Last Updated: May 20, 2021

Toronto Esports Arena

Arena Facts

Opened: 2025
Capacity: 7,000
Address: 210 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, M6K 3C3
Architect: Populous

OverActive Media announced their plans in 2021 to build the largest, at the time of announcement, Esports Arena in the world with a capacity of 7,000 by the year 2025.

Features & Facilities

This Arena is so beautifully and elegantly designed, it looks as though it should be hosting Opera or Ballet, rather than Esports. As well as the traditional rows of seatings, there are also theatre boxes to the sides, giving the whole space a touch of class and civility.

But there can be no mistake to the true purpose of this Arena when you see the gigantic LED screen at the top of the stage, and gaming stations set up in all their glory. In the mockups released it seems as though the main Esports to be played here will be 5 v 5 competitive play.

However due to the intention of the owners to host other kinds of events, it seems all the Esports fittings are temporary and can be removed. So we may even see 100 player battle royale setups or even just 1 v 1 head to head setups on the stage.

Interior view of Toronto Esports Arena


Overactive Media are well known in the Esports Industry for owning several famous teams, including Overwatch team Toronto Ultra  and Call of Duty team Toronto Ultra. With the rise of regular gaming leagues, increasingly teams are looking for ‘home’ grounds similar to traditional sports teams.

It’s the hope that the Toronto Esports Arena can serve as a home for these teams, as well as host a variety of other Esports and non-Esports events.

The Arena is will be built on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition, which also hosts the BMO Field used by Toronto FC.

Arena Photos

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Directions to Toronto Esports Arena

Stadium Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Address of Toronto Esports Arena?

The address for Toronto Esports Arena is 210 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, M6K 3C3

What year was Toronto Esports Arena opened?

Toronto Esports Arena was opened 2025

What is the capacity of Toronto Esports Arena?

Toronto Esports Arena has a spectator capacity of around 7000 for Esports events.